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Dadra & Nagar Haveli as an Educational Destination

Updated on: Aug 12, 2013
Basically a Portuguese colony, the Dadra and Nagar Haveli received recognition as Union Territory in the year 1961. Since the day of its establishment as a union territory, progress in education scenario of this place was happening at a quite slow rate. According to available data of 1983- 84, there were only 13 pre primary schools where 562 children were enrolled in total. But the Indian government and administrative department of this place realized that if immediate attention is not provided to develop the educational scenario then complete development in all sectors is not possible. Due to this attention, the whole backdrop started changing and as per result by 2000, rate of literacy of this place enhanced to a significant level. According to latest information available, there are almost 200 schools which are helping to increase rate of education in this place and at the same time also offering primary and elementary education to students.

In the Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli, free education is provided to all students up to higher secondary level, free mid-day meals are provided to all students up to elementary education; free notebooks/text-books and other educational materials are being supplied to all Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe students. Besides the above, incentives, cash awards for punctual attendance and reimbursement of examination fees paid by Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe students, grant of cash awards to talented students as post-matric scholarships to Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes Students as also to lower income group are being provided.

The Adult Education Programme was launched in the Union Territory in the year 1978-79 with 30 Centres comprising 1333 adult trainees. During the year 1983-84, the number of centres, has reached the figure 62 and the number of trainees 1877. Necessary attention is also paid to Physical education and other co-curricular activities. Under the UNICEF project viz. Primary education curriculum and renewal and developmental activities on community education and participation has been started. According to the census of 2001, the literacy rate of the UT has been found to be 60.03% which has a rise of 19% on the census of 1991.


Education Officer (District Panchayat)
Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Silvassa
Phone: 0260-2642942

Educational Institutions

Total No.


Schools (Inc Middle, Secondary and Higher Secondary)



Social Welfare Hostels






Industrial Training Institute





The following table elaborates on the types of activities/services that is undertaken by the government to promote education in the region.


Name of activity/Service


Documents /Formalities required.

Time frame for disposal.


Admission  in Govt. Primary Schools

Students who completed 5 yrs age are eligible for admission in 1st std.

Birth Certificate

Admission given from 12 th June in each academic year


Supply of free text books & Notebooks

SC/ST & Lower Income Groups students.

Income certificate required for LIG students.

One in academic year


Supply of free two pair uniforms

SC/ST & Lower Income Groups students.

Income certificate required for LIG students.

One in academic year


Cash awards for actual attendance whose more than 80% highest attendance in his class for SC/ST students of class V to VII are given Rs.20/- per annum.

SC/ST students of class V to VII.

Annual attendance report of H.M.

One in academic year


Cash awards to SC/ST students who stood 1st 2nd & 3rd rank in his classes in the annual examination are given Rs. 70/- , 60/-, & 50/-.

SC/ST students of class V to VII.

Report of H.M.

One in academic year


Educational study tour to SC/ST & LIG groups students are given Rs.65/- per head bus fare and Rs/- 25/- per head per day accommodation/food charges.

30 SC/ST & LIG students from one school are eligible.

5 days tours are admissible.

After completion of tour the financial assistance  are passed & paid during academic year


National programme of Nutritional support to Primary Education (Mid  Day Meals)

All students of Govt. and Govt. aided Primary schools are providing cooked meals @ 100 gm. Rice  per day per child adding 20gm. Dal, 5gm. Dal  & other ingredients like salt, chili powder, haldi condiments vegetables, Jeera & rai as per taste.

Students who are studying in classes I to V who attending daily in school are eligible.

Everyday in all schools providing cooked meals engaging cooks & helper.

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